Yellow teeth – Causes and treatment for yellow teeth

A beautiful smile creates a huge impact on people around you and it boosts your self-confidence. However, smiling does not come naturally to people with yellow teeth. A large number of  people who have yellow or discolored teeth  become embarrassed due to it. There are various causes of yellow teeth. Some conditions can be whitened by tooth whitening methods, whereas some cannot. The best way to approach a remedy for yellow teeth is by identifying the cause of yellow teeth.

Causes of yellow teeth

1. Translucent Enamel

Thin, translucent enamel present naturally in a person can be a cause for yellow teeth. The outer most layer of our teeth is made of a hard substance which is the enamel. The layer present below the enamel is the dentin, which is naturally yellow in color. In some people, the enamel is extremely thin either naturally or due to teeth wear and tear which results in the dentin becoming visible through the enamel which imparts a yellowish tinge to the teeth. Conventional teeth whitening methods will not be effective for whitening yellow teeth due to this, as the dentin layer will be visible at all times. People commonly have translucent enamel because of one’s natural genetic make-up.

2. Wear and Tear

Our teeth are prone to wear and tear as we grow older. No matter how much you take care of your teeth, teeth will show effects of wear and tear due to the natural aging process. The color of the foods and drinks you consume become imparted on the teeth and manifest as stains as they are able to seep in easily.  You can reduce the intake of color imparting foods and drinks to minimize this.Also, due to wear and tear of the enamel, the yellowish tinge of dentin becomes more prominent as we age.

3. Poor Consumption Habits or Poor Oral Hygiene

This is the most common cause of yellow teeth. When oral hygiene is neglected along with intake of color imparting foods and drinks, it tends to discolor the teeth. Deposits are formed on the teeth surface which further discolor the teeth and remain their due to lack of adequate oral hygiene.

Yellow teeth treatment or Cure

1. Improve your dental hygiene

Learn how to brush your teeth correctly and do it two times a day. Incorporate flossing as a part of your dental hygiene regimen. Rinse your mouth after meals and drinks.Do not snack in between meals.

2. Easy to Use tooth whitening Products

If you are concerned about your yellow teeth, tooth whitening products can be a boon to you. There are plenty of ways you can whiten your teeth depending on your needs and budget ranging for whitening chewing gums to tooth whitening trays and gels.

3. Professional Methods

The most effective tooth whitening method is the professional tooth whitening offered by dentists. Go for this if your teeth are genuinely discolored which is hindering your self-confidence. If you have a mild degree of discoloration, you can opt for the many in-house tooth whitening methods. Note that professional tooth whitening procedures are temporary and their effect will diminish over time. You can also go for veneers if you have issues with one or few teeth which will fix this permanently.

So, if you have yellow teeth-do not worry. Simply find the cause of yellow teeth and get it rectified by yellow teeth treatment specific to the cause.

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