Wisdom teeth removal in Maple Ridge

The term ‘wisdom teeth’ may seem like an oxymoron, since the wise thing to do is usually to have your wisdom teeth removed before they start causing problems. Wisdom teeth are the last molars that a person will develop. They usually begin erupting around the late teens to early 20s. Its is thought that wisdom teeth are a sort of evolutionary holdover from when humans had larger jaws.

Nowadays, the majority of patients have jaws that aren’t large enough to accommodate the extra teeth. When this happens the wisdom teeth are said to be impacted. There are several different types of impaction which include soft impaction, partial bony impaction and complete bony impaction.

With a soft impaction, the crown of the tooth has emerged through the bone, the gum is covering part or all of the tooth. It will become difficult to keep the area clean, making it an easy location for food, plaque and bacteria to become trapped and lead to infection.  A partial bony eruption is when the tooth has partially erupted but a portion of the tooth is still below the gumline. Like a soft impaction, this will make the area difficult to clean and susceptible to infection. A complete bony impaction is when the tooth is completely encased by jawbone. All of these types of impacted wisdom teeth will require surgical removal.

Our family dentist here at Coast Dental Centre in  Maple Ridge recommends removing problematic wisdom teeth before issues such as pain, swelling and infection arise. If infection occurs, a patient runs the risk of having the infection spread and losing the adjacent molars as a result. Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common surgical dental procedures and can be done in a dental office with no need for overnight stay. There are different options for anesthesia and pain relief; your family dentist can advise you on the best possible choice for your situation. For more information about wisdom teeth removal please contact our Maple Ridge Dental office at (604) 463 – 2227.

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