The benefits of orthodontics

The benefits of orthodontics  | Dentist in Maple Ridge

At the mention of orthodontics an image of a teenager with metal bracket braces may come to mind. The truth is that great strides have been made in the dental specialty of orthodontics in the past few decades, and there are many discreet and comfortable orthodontic treatment options available. The dental branch of orthodontics is devoted to creating beautiful smiles and improving overall health by bringing the patient’s teeth and jaw into proper alignment. Orthodontics is a safe and effective way of improving the appearance and overall health of a patient’s mouth.

Malaligned teeth can actually contribute to oral health problems such as bruxism, TMJ and chronic headaches. Patients with misaligned teeth may have difficulty eating, speaking and cleaning their teeth properly. Of course there is an esthetic advantage to orthodontics as well. Orthodontics can treat overbites, underbites and crossbites so that teeth appear straighter.

The best orthodontic results are achieved while the patient’s teeth and jaw are still growing, so parents are advised to bring their children in for their first orthodontic appointment around age 7. However, teenagers and adults can also be treated with orthodontics with great results.

In order for successful treatment it’s important to keep all of your scheduled orthodontic appointments. If you or your child are using removable appliances it’s important to remember to wear the appliance for the recommended amount of time each day. With consistent use of a retainer after treatment, the results of orthodontics are permanent.

If you are considering orthodontics to help improve the alignment of your teeth, feel free to contact us. Our friendly Maple Ridge Dentist, Dr. Ron Brar, will give you a thorough evaluation to determine the best orthodontic treatment for you.

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