Some Important Things to Know about Teeth Whitening

Which is the most regular procedure requested by patients? According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), about 90% of patient’s request tooth whitening. The fact that your smile tells more about your personality makes white teeth a priority.  While brushing and flossing regularly helps maintain your teeth in great condition, the food and drinks you consume daily, could stain your teeth’s enamel leading to discoloration.

If you want to regain that perfect smile, it is time that you visit your dentist for professional teeth whitening. Before booking your visit, here are a few tips to help you understand this procedure:

  1. What Causes Discoloration

With age, your perfect looking teeth could stain and lose their hitherto alluring shine.  If you are a smoker, your teeth will discolor due to the nicotine. Other causes of discoloration include coffee, tea, soft drinks and red wine. All these have particles, which stick to the enamel surface or high sugar content that can eat away at the surface of the teeth.

  1. What Does Tooth Whitening Entail

Though, this is one of the most popular dental procedures, it is also one of the most misunderstood. The procedure entails the use of a whitening products, the most common of which are, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These bleaches help to break down the stain on your teeth, which in turn makes them colorless.

  1. Why Use a Professional Dentist?

There are many home kits available, but if you really want to enjoy the benefits of safe tooth whitening, it is important to visit your dentist. These experts know the harmful bleaches and they will use only certified products. They will also, first evaluate the state of your teeth before commencing the procedure. They will check for any other dental problems, such as cavities before the whitening procedure starts.

  1. Tooth Whitening Procedure

In an in-office setting, your dentist will first clean your teeth in order to assess their condition. Once this is done, they will then apply a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide. This gel is held in place by a mouth tray that is created to fit perfectly. This is one of the major advantages of visiting a dentist as opposed to using over-the-counter gels. Before the procedure starts the dentist will also protect your gums using a specially designed protective cover.  New technologies are constantly evolving, including use of laser whitening to achieve a more permanent effect.

  1. Treatment Period

One of the main benefits of teeth whitening is the fact that it only takes a few visits to the clinic. Your dentists will provide the gel to apply at home once the initial procedure has been completed.

If you want to enhance your smile, it is time to visit Coast Dental Centre for your professional teeth whitening.

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