Impacted Tooth

In simple words, the tooth which gets trapped under the gum surface is referred to as impacted tooth and the most common ones are the impacted wisdom teeth which are experienced by teenagers. The teeth erupt from under the gums by breaking through them. Occasionally, they are unable to do so which leaves the erupting tooth embedded under the gums which is known as the impacted tooth.

Causes of Impacted Tooth

A tooth becomes impacted when it is prevented from completely emerging out of the gums. This may be caused by the angulation of the erupting tooth or due to insufficient space for the new tooth to emerge.

Understanding the Impacted Tooth dangers

Initially, you will not experience any pain until the teeth makes attempts to emerge from the gum surface; this is when the gums, jaws, or even your face becomes swollen and sore. The impacted tooth’s movement will worsen the problem as adjacent teeth will experience pressure eventually resulting in jaw misalignment, bite, and jaw troubles. The chances of getting bacterial infections and tooth/gum decay increases due to irritation of gums and surrounding teeth. There are possibilities for the impacted tooth to also be infected. If left untreated, dental infections spread to throat or neck which is undoubtedly a severe health hazard.

Most commonly impacted teeth

Here are few commonly impacted teeth:

  • Mandibular 3rd Molar,
  • Maxillary 3rd Molar,
  • Mandibular Canine,
  • Manibular Premolar,
  • Maxillary Canine,
  • Maxillary Premolar,
  • Maxillary Central Incisor,
  • and Maxillary Lateral Incisor.
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