Now that I had my wisdom teeth removed, I realized it wasn’t worth panicking about it.

Things healed up in just a few days, I only had to take Tylenol.

E. T.
Thank you for the emergency root canal treatment. Finally I am pain free. I wish I had it done sooner, knowing how smooth everything went.

My teeth have never been better. Thank you Dr. Brar for all the good work and expert recommendations. I love my Crowns.
C. W.
I hope you like apple pie. You must have the friendliest staff in this office.J. C.
Would you believe Dr. Brar that 4 generations of my family are patients here for almost 20 years!Don N.
It is so nice to finally have this pair of dentures made here. I don’t think they ever give me a problem, since you made them. Dr. Brar ThanksPhilip K.